About Me

Nick Marsden

I’ve been writing fantasy fiction since I was 14. Back then, I was reading paperbacks out of the library like they were going out of style. Terry Brooks, Joe Dever, Raymond E. Feist, Barbara Hambly. Fantasy gave me an escape from my every day, which I thought at the time was pretty tough. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. It’s all subjective.

When I told everyone I knew that I wanted to be a writer like Stephen King, to a person they told me that I’d never be able to make it. Writing isn’t something you can make a living from, they said. I wish I had told them to shut the hell up and followed my dream right away, but I didn’t. I went to school and joined the military and actually tried to live a life. I should have become a writer.

Which is what I realized at the ripe old age of 32. I self-published The Legacy of Shatara, a story I had developed while I was in the Marine Corps. I then wrote and self-published The Never-Born, which is a story I developed as a TV series while in film school. Both stories had their birth as screenplays, so they are in a highly action-oriented style.

Now, no one can keep me from writing. I have the bug, the kind of bug that just won’t leave, no matter what I do (it never did leave me while I was floundering through life in my late teens and twenties). I love writing and I hope that comes through in my stories.

The Gods of Sun, Earth, and Moon is a very different project. While it is still an action-packed epic, it deals more with character and setting than any of my other stories have. While each book might be small, the overall story is still huge.

If you have any questions or comments, please go to my contact page and send me an email. You can also sign up for my monthly mailing list, where I’ll update everyone on my progress with my current project and maybe offer a few free goodies from time to time.

Enjoy and “Do what thou Will